Question: Is this game better to be played with one other person or a group?
Answer: It’s totally up to you. When you’re playing with a group, it’s fun and open. We find it can create conversation into unchartered territories. However, it’s very personal when playing with one other person.

Question: How do you guys know each other?
Answer: We've been in each others lives for a long time and are best friends.

Question: Is it only available on this website?
Answer: For now, yes. We are planning to release new versions with new topics & categories so keep up to date with new releases.

Question: Was anyone else besides Andrew and Rachel involved with this project?
Answer: Nope, it was a collaborative effort between just us. We have wanted to do a project to encourage open conversation for a long time & given we are in lock-down decided now would be the right time.

Question: Are we able to share this with our friends?
Answer: Definitely! We love when it’s downloaded through our website as we can then see who’s downloading and enjoying it. But the aim of this is to encourage sharing good conversations with others.

Question: Who’s hand writing is who’s?
Answer: Andrew’s is blue and Rachel’s is green.

Question: What inspired this?
Answer: Conversation game, scruples, WARNS.

Questions: Why is version 1 free?
Answer: We wanted to promote healthy conversations and meaningful connection while we are in lock down as we believe it's important.

Question: How are you guys so cool?
Answer: You are.